Inno-Space; Porsche’s Future Frontier for Vehicle Quality Control

February 12, 2018

Porsche has always been at the forefront of vehicle quality. Around two-thirds of the sports cars the German sports car maker has built over the past 70 years are still roadworthy, data suggests. This is a testament to how reliable these machines truly are.

Yet Porsche is not resting on its laurels. On the contrary, the marque is set to roll out Inno-Spece, a brand new concept in vehicle quality control. Utilizing the power of technology, specifically augmented reality, the concept will be able to integrate the present with  the future and enable Porsche to be on top of its quality control game.

Using Augmented Reality means that carmakers like Porsche can, for instance, develop innovations that can later on be put in place in series production. It can test new concepts or technologies without necessarily disrupting workflow at the plant. And it will even get an augmented look at the benefits and consequences that may take place down the line.

One tangible benefit of the tablet app is when it takes note of all the flaws seen during the look and feel test done on a vehicle. It can store this data and later on superimpose it onto a real-time image of the vehicle. This makes it much easier to fix the flaws and avoid them later on. This data, which applies not only to flaws but also for other parameters, can then be sent to other partners worldwide.

All this, will help bring Porsche’s legendary quality control to the future.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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