Isuzu gives us a glimpse of tomorrow’s transport at PIMS 2018

October 27, 2018

Isuzu EXZ QL with (L-R) Mr. Zhang Wanjin of Qingling Motors Co. Ltd, Mr. Hajime Koso (President of Isuzu Phils), Mr. Hirokazu Okubo (Executive Officer, Isuzu Motors Ltd., Japan), Mr. Ao Jun of Qingling Motors Co. Ltd, Mr. Shojiro Sakoda and Mr. Yasuhiko Oyama (EVP and VP for Sales of Isuzu Phils)

With the theme Future Mobility, the 7th Philippine International Motor Show serves up a glimpse of what we can expect to see on our roads within the coming years. Ongoing since Wednesday, October 24, 2018, PIMS exhibitors show Filipinos the latest trends in the local and even global automotive industry.

One of these exhibitors is isuzu Philippines Corporation, which puts forth cutting-edge diesel technology. At the core is its vaunted Blue Power diesel that promises more power, better fuel efficiency, and lower emissions. This can be seen in various display units of the Isuzu mu-X LS, LS-A, and D-Max LS.  These light commercial vehicles pack the new RZ4E Blue Power diesel motor, which potential buyers can test drive around the World Trade Center grounds.

Apart from the pair of LCVs, IPC also showed off the future of passenger mobility in the form of the modern PUV. Based on the QKR77 chassis, this one will let Filipinos in on what they can expect to see when it comes to our very own jeepney. Unlike the smoky and rickety jeeps of today, this one is modern, clean, and safe, IPC says.

Speaking of the future, an Isuzu display would not be complete without a concept truck like the VTO2. This lightweight cargo hauler boasts core features such as fuel efficiency, tight turning radius, efficient hauling, and even driver comfort. It is, IPC, says, the future of cargo transport.

Finally, Isuzu will show off its Isuzu Health Report at the After-Sales Pvilion. The new after-sales service program will give Isuzu vehicle owners an easier time keeping track of their Isuzu’s health as it gets a comprehensive health check.

See more of what Isuzu Philippines Corporation has to offer the the 7th PIMS until Sunday, October 28, 2018 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Isuzu D-MAX RZ4E (L-R) Mr. Ao Jun of Qingling Motors Co. Ltd,Mr. Shojiro Sakoda (EVP for Sales of Isuzu Phils), Mr. Hajime Koso (President of Isuzu Phils), Mr. Hirokazu Okubo (Executive Officer, Isuzu Motors Ltd., Japan), Mr. Zhang Wanjin of Qingling Motors Co. Ltd, Mr. Shojiro Sakoda (EVP of Isuzu Phils)

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