Leading truck body builder Centro Excels at Bakery World 2023 Exhibit in Cebu

September 26, 2023

Centro Nippon Fruehauf Cooltech Inc or CFCI, a collaboration between leading truck body builder Centro Manufacturing Corporation and Japan's Nippon Fruehauf Ltd., proudly showcased its excellence at the Bakery World 2023 exhibit, Visayas' premier bakery and food service show, held at the Waterfront Hotel Cebu from September 14th to 16th. This event emphasized CFCI's commitment to excellence and innovation in the truck body manufacturing industry, with a special focus on their Cooltech refrigerated vans featuring groundbreaking XPS panels.

Bakery World 2023, a significant event in the regional culinary calendar, attracted industry experts, culinary enthusiasts, and food service professionals from across Visayas. The exhibit featured a diverse array of innovative food products, industry trends, and competitions highlighting the latest advancements in bakery and food service.

CFCI made a notable impact at the event by showcasing their cutting-edge Cooltech refrigerated van, highlighting the key advantage of their XPS panels. These XPS panels represent a technological breakthrough, featuring a flat panel composed of three layers: Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS) insulating material and aluminum sheets on each side bonded through a mechanical process. These panels are then expertly cut to size into kits based on the specific truck platform and refrigeration system. This groundbreaking technology promises the lightest weight with the highest level of insulation, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance for businesses in need of refrigerated transport solutions.

"We are thrilled to have been a part of Bakery World 2023, the biggest and most exciting bakery and foodservice show in Visayas," said Carlo Enriques, Assistant Sales Manager at Centro Nippon Fruehauf Cooltech Inc. "Our Cooltech refrigerated vans with XPS panels received overwhelming attention. These panels represent a significant leap forward in truck body technology, offering unmatched insulation and efficiency. We are proud to offer such innovative solutions to our valued customers in the region."

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