Lexus PH redefines "Premium Luxury Ownership Experience" with its Lexus Premium Services. Here's how

September 27, 2023

(Photos by Randolph de Leon and Lexus Philippines)

From choosing the suitable model, to financing it, insuring it, and even moving up to a higher tier offering in the Lexus lineup, this luxury brand’s unique hospitality is always at your service thanks to Lexus Premium.

Before every Lexus arrives at the showroom, it was conceptualized, designed, and engineered to deliver a luxury experience unlike any other. From the stunning silhouettes, cutting-edge HEV technology, and the exhilarating Lexus Driving Signature, each Lexus is a testament to the relentless commitment of Takumi master craftsmen to deliver an automotive masterpiece.

This kind of attention to detail extends beyond the factory floor. Lexus is also known for its unique brand of Japanese hospitality—or omotenashi. Anticipating the needs of its valued customers is a Lexus trait, and this hospitality is enhanced even further with Lexus Financial Services, Lexus Insure, and Lexus Certified Pre-Owned. These services which fall under the Lexus Premium umbrella come with value-added services tailored for discerning Lexus customers.

Lexus Financial Services

Lexus Financial Services* offers a range of financial products customized to provide premium service that a Lexus customer deserves. Financing options such as auto loan and finance lease are available whether it’s a brand-new Lexus model or even a Lexus Certified Pre-owned vehicle. Customers who prefer a more convenient, hassle-free first-class service can choose KINTO One – an all-inclusive full-service lease. This lease package requires no down payment and with a fixed monthly payment that includes all expenses related to the car such as periodic maintenance service, normal wear and tear parts replacement, and yearly comprehensive insurance. KINTO One customers will receive VIP treatment with the KINTO Concierge Service, a personal vehicle management assistance.

Customers who avail themselves of Lexus Financial Services* will enjoy exclusive perks and privileges, competitive rates, immediate approval processing and dedicated customer service with LFS Customer Experience.

*Lexus Financial Services is a service mark of Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corporation.

Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corporation is supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ( 

Lexus Insure

Peace of mind while on the road is indeed a luxury, and customers can have this thanks to the higher level of protection and exclusive benefits of Lexus Insure. In the event of an accident, Lexus Insure assures customers with Lexus Genuine Parts and repair services; minimum participation fees; quick and worry-free approval for claims & payment; and a special Lexus Roadside Assist to aid our customers with their concerns.

Lexus Insure offers the maximum coverage to keep our customers protected as well as provides further incentives with a discount upon renewal for policy those without claims. Many more are given to ensure a high level of protection and peace of mind for our Lexus customers.

Lexus Certified Pre-Owned

Lexus Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) is the used car program of Lexus Manila (LMI) under Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP).

Lexus CPO vehicles exhibit high-quality standards. As each unit undergoes a rigorous 211-point inspection, only the most pristine vehicles can be considered part of the Lexus CPO fleet. Then, each is refurbished and detailed through a rigorous process, which makes it look and drive as good as new. Lexus stands by its CPO vehicles to have not exceeded 60,000km in mileage, which also come with warranty and Lexus Roadside Assist.

Lexus CPO customers can also expect worry-free ownership transfer and the same premium experience in Lexus after sales and value chain products and services. Moreover, customers can enjoy trade-in transactions with quick assessment of the vehicle’s value (of any car brand). With worry-free trade-in, customers can now upgrade to a Lexus from their current vehicle with peace of mind.

With Lexus Premium (Lexus Financial Services, Lexus Insure, and Lexus Certified Pre-Owned)—you can be sure of exceptional hospitality and support that elevates the ownership experience. This kind of satisfaction can only come from a company that anticipates the needs of its valued customers by delivering excellent and upscale service, coverage, and value-added benefits that are exclusively crafted for Lexus clientele.

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