MDPPA Predicts Boom in Motorcycle Sales Within the Next Few Years

January 15, 2018

Times are changing, particularly when it comes to mobility. Motorcycles, for instance, are fast becoming a viable means of transport, says groups like the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association (MDPPA). The group predicts, for instance, that more two-wheeled vehicles will hit our roads within the next few years.

While motorcycle sales grew by 18% from 170,979 units in 216 to 202,098 motorbikes last year, this number may even balloon to as much as two million units by the year 2022. The demand will be fueled by changing lifestyles, increased business activity, and overall mobility preference patterns.

More people, for example, choose to stay at home rather than go out. Thanks to high-speed internet and increasing entertainment options now available from the comfort of one’s home, one can easily do things like shop even if one doesn’t hit the mall.

One can easily have food delivered, as well as shop for clothing, and other products. This type of services only entails the services of riders who use motorcycles to get around. And this makes up part of the demand for such vehicles.

Using a motorbike makes it much easier to move in and around the metro’s cramped streets. This is also the reason why more people are turning to two-wheelers for use as their daily driver. It is easy to weave in and out of traffic, as well as fuel efficient.

Of course, such types of transport also has a few downsides. The rising number of road mishaps, thanks in no small part to many people not knowing how to follow proper road safety rules, is one major issue. This is why the MDPPA is pushing for road safety via programs like Helmets Save Lives, along with various seminars to educate the public on this pressing matter.

With motorcycles touted to be the next big thing in transport, let’s just hope that road safety issues can be properly addressed. It would be a shame to have dozens of road accidents simply because people don’t know how to ride properly.

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