Michelin PH introduces new WRC-inspired LTX Force tires for SUVs, light trucks

September 21, 2017

In order for SUVs and trucks to better perform their duties on and off the road, they need a reliable and durable set of tires. That being said, Michelin Philippines recently introduced the LTX Force, a new tire it claims would shake the SUVs and light trucks tire market.

This bold claim by the French tire maker is solidified by how it designed the LTX Force tires. Firstly, it’s enhanced with what Michelin refers to as its CompactTread, BevelTread, and CushionGuard technologies.

CompactTread is basically an added reinforcement between the tread blocks which increases the tire’s strength, braking prowess, and safety. The BevelTread, on the other hand, is characterized by rounded, sloping edges on the treads. This, in turn, lessens that uncomfortable droning noise when the vehicle is at speed.

Finally, the CushionGuard (as its name implies) essentially acts a s kind of cushion that abosorbs most of the humps and bumps on the road. As regard, it provides a smoother, more comfortable ride and feel.

As for its off-roading performance, the Michelin LTX Force is beefed up with Deep and Open Shoulder design that increases traction. Its sidewall is also crafted with a Biting Edge design, a nifty WRC (World Rally Championship) inspired feature that enhances the LTX Force’s resistance against cups, chips, and other off-road challenges.

Of note, Michelin Philippines says that the LTX Force SUV and light truck tires will be available within the remainder of 2017. It will come in 15-, 16-, 17-, and 18-inch sizes, all of which will have a variety of grades for different vehicles and purposes.

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