Mitsubishi has just sold some 1 million vehicles in the country

April 10, 2019

For many of us, vehicles with the tri-diamond logo have been a familiar sight for more than a few decades now. These may have been your family car, school bus service, or even a sporty weekend ride. These are the cars from Mitsubishi, whose Philippine subsidiary, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation, just celebrated the one million unit sales milestone.

First setting up shop in the country some 55 years ago, MMPC has braved the various ups and downs of our nation’s history. Yes, this includes the tumultuous economic and political crisis that hit during the 1980s. Despite the country crashing into the depths of disarray and eventually rising with a new dawn and a new administration, Mitsubishi stood its ground. In fact, offerings like the Lancer boxtype had the sole distinction of being the only brand new car to be sold at the time.

Mitsubishi’s perseverance paid off as the Japanese carmaker surpassed the 1 million unit sales. Anyone who knows their figures will be aware that this is not exactly easy, what with industry sales hovering below 500,000 units annually—this in a field filled with numerous players.

To mark this special occasion, the folks from MMPC held a celebration at the Makati Shangri-la where they proudly displayed a Mirage G4 (which is proudly Philippine made), and the current L300 that is now fitted with a CRDI diesel motor. Of course, the event would not have been complete without a few significant classics. In this case, it was the iconic Lancer boxtype and the first-generation Pajero, which practically started the whole SUV craze in the country even before the term was coined.

Congratulations, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation!

Photos: Paolo Lesaca

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