MMDA Traffic Advisory: Some roads will be closed this weekend, rerouting to be implemented

July 12, 2018

If you live or are headed for the Manila area this weekend, then you better read this. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has issued a traffic advisory and rerouting scheme in preparation for the Iglesia NI Cristo’s Worldwide Aid to Fight Poverty event that will take place at the Rizal Park from July 14 to 15, 2018.

As such South Drive, Independence Drive, and Katigbak Drive will be closed off beginning at 6pm on Saturday, July 14. As if this isn’t enough, the following roads will be closed off on Sunday, July 15. These include:

  • Stretch of Road-10 from Moriones to Delpan Bridge
  • Stretch of Bonifacio Drive from Delpan Bridge to Katigbak Drive
  • Stretch of Roxas Boulevard from Katigbak Drive to P. Ocampo
  • East and Westbound lane from P. Burgos from Lagusnilad to Roxas Boulevard
  • Finance Road from Taft Avenue To P. Burgos
  • Westbound lane of TM Kalaw from M.H del Pilar to Roxas Boulevard
  • Westbound lane of Pres. Quirino from M.H del Pilar to Roxas Boulevard

If you really need to pass these roads, you might want to take a few alternate routes. Those coming from Pasay passing through the northbound stretch of Roxas Blvd might want to turn right at P. Ocampo or use the service road. Those coming from the southbound portion of R-10 must turn left to Moriones.

If you’ll be traversing the westbound section of Pres. Quirino, it would be best to turn left to Mabini Street. For those that will be coming from Quezon, McArthur, Jones, or Ayala bridges, you may have to head straight to Taft Ave if you’ll be going to the southbound lane of Roxas Blvd.

As for heavy vehicles like trucks, these will need to pass Pres Osmena, Pres Quirino, Nagtahan via AH Lacson to Yuseco, Capulong, and R-10.

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