A modern, more high-tech Isuzu Manila dealership just reopened for business

October 5, 2021

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), the official local distributor of Isuzu vehicles, is on a high roll over the last month. Shortly after pulling the veils off its all-new mu-X SUV, it then proceeded to reopen the doors of its Manila city dealership, which has undergone a more high-tech and modern renovation, and is proudly running under the helm of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC)..

Isuzu Manila is the 9th nationwide to formally adopt the brand’s latest design philosophy known as the Isuzu Outlet Standard (IOS). Its total floor area of 9,606-sqm houses a Showroom Display Area, which has room for the customer lounge plus 1 Commercial Vehicle (CV) and 3 Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), a Service Workshop, that is spread out in 3 floors for 5 CVs and 16 LCVs, as well as a Parts Warehouse.

Isuzu Manila’s Phase 1 of construction work included the Showroom and Service Fascia, Tower Signage and Sales Reception Area. Whereas Phase 2 which focuses on the intricacies of the interior will be completed by the second quarter of 2022.

“We want to reinforce the image of Isuzu not just by standing out from the rest but also through providing an enhanced experience for our customers. The new look shows Isuzu’s robust character and DNA as the world’s leader in diesel engine manufacturing. We hope to attract more customers to experience Isuzu’s reliability, safety and comfort,” said Johnny Fetalvero, SVP Business Operations Head of YGC Cars Division when asked about the group’s decision to invest and promptly implement IOS. “Our facility is set to have an upgraded body and paint center to further improve efficiency and quality. We plan to continually expand our services for years to come and ultimately deliver the best customer service to both existing and new owners,” Fetalvero added.

(From Left: Mr. Paulo Tan - Isuzu Manila Sales Manager, Mr. Art Silvestre - Isuzu Group Head, Mr. Johnny Fetalvero - Business Operations Head YGC Cars Division Mr. Roger Bechayda - Isuzu Group Aftersales Manager)

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