A more refined Lexus RC arrives

August 30, 2018

Since its introduction in 2014, the Lexus RC has been one of the brand’s more stylish and popular offerings catering to those that want a sporty yet refined coupe. And as we all know, it seems just  about time to refresh this nameplate. And Lexus does so with no less than a few cues from the LC.

Yes, the exterior and interior, not to mention the driving dynamics have all taken a page from the top-dog LC. The new bumpers, grille, and even the air ducts in various places like the rear bumper aren’t just for show. They’re all there to aid aerodynamics and driving dynamics. These are enhanced by little details like the fins on the window moldings that make the car more slippery thru the air.

Speaking of details, it’s the little things that give the interior a more refined feel. Hairline elements on the ventilation controls and infotainment system add to the premium vibe. The new analogue clock is likewise taken from the LC. And a new palm rest also gives better ergonomics.

Apart from the aesthetics, Lexus engineers also took the time to tweak bits like the suspension, brakes, and even the powertrain to give the car better responses and yes, dynamics. Stiffer bushings mean improved cornering abilities while new damper settings improve ride comfort and overall stability on the open road.

The 2.0-liter engine’s throttle response has likewise been made a lot quicker to allow drivers to get instant response each time they press the go-pedal. And of course, buyers still have a choice of opting for the sporty F Sport package that ups the fun factor while still offering that trademark Lexus luxury and refinement.

The Lexus RC will make its global debut at the Paris Motor Show this October. Sales will commence in  the last quarter of the year.

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