More stability and better mileage now offered with the Maxxis M-6161W motorcycle tire

March 9, 2019

With so many motorcycles now plying our roads, tire brands like Maxxis see a growing demand for products that offer an edge over its competitors. Case in point is the new Maxxis M-6161W, which was launched in the Philippine market recently.

What sets the Maxxis M-6161W apart from the pack is the host of features it has, such as the directional pattern for better handling and stability. Its wider contact patch means there is a larger surface area keeping you glued to the road. And its wet grip properties translate to increased safety, particularly when it pours.

Moreover, the new Maxxis tire is designed for both city and long-distance driving. It has been engineered to take on more miles in between tire changes. Plus, it likewise helps improve fuel economy without sacrificing grip and traction.

Available in a variety of sizes, the Maxxis M-6161W can be had at select tire shops nationwide.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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