Motor Image assures that none of its vehicles have power steering defects

January 24, 2019

Last Wednesday, Subaru Corporation of Japan announced that it has halted production of some of its models due to a power steering defect. In line with this, its Asian distributor, Motor Image Group, has said that none of its vehicles are affected by the issue.

The Forester, XV, and Impreza are the vehicles involved in the issue. Some 120 cars produced from late December to mid-January were found to have power steering defects. Fortunately none of these vehicles have been delivered to customers. Still, Subaru is taking all measures to ensure that these vehicles are safe for the road.

Speaking of the Forester, the 5th generation model is just being rolled out across Asia. Subaru and Motor Image continue to accept bookings and will ensure that none of these vehicles are affected by the said defect. In the Philippines, the new Forester will have its local debut today. Stay tuned to this space for the lowdown on the compact crossover.

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