The new and improved Honda Cars Philippines website makes buying and owning a Honda as easy as a click away

April 6, 2019

With most car buyers using the power of the internet to find their next ride these days, Honda Cars Philippines Inc. has updated its website to catch the fancy of these tech-savvy individuals. Yet the new and improved web portal has been given a more user-friendly interface that’s easier to navigate, even for those that are technologically challenged.

Car buyers, for instance, will be able to get complete information about their desired Honda vehicle. They can check out vehicle specifications, features, updated pricing, and a Financial Calculator that allows one to compute things like monthly amortization, among others.  Apart from this, the after-sales service menu allows clients to get details such as Preventive Maintenance Sche4dule, costs of such maintenance, and the like.

Of course, knowing about the company that you’re getting your next car from is equally important. This is why the HCPI website gives complete information about the company, its history, and other relevant data. One can even apply for a career at Honda via the Careers tab.

Check out the new and improved HCPI website at

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