New life coming to Chevron’s Batangas Terminal with the discovery of Olive-Ridley sea turtle nesting sites

December 29, 2018

Each year, Chevron Philippines Inc, marketers of Caltex fuels and lubricants in the country, conducts a coastal cleanup drive along its Batangas Terminal as part of its Volunteer Week. Beyond this Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, however, Chevron sees to it that this known nesting ground for the Olive-Ridley  sea turtle is kept safe and conducive to nesting and nursing young hatchlings.

It looks like all its efforts have paid off as four new nesting sites have been spotted along the coastal cleanup areas this December alone. With an average of some 100 eggs per nesting site, some 300 eggs have been discovered and 77 hatchlings already under close observation.

Because of this, Chevron steps up its efforts from merely conducting coastal cleanups to appointing pawikan patrols and even putting up fences around the said nesting sites. These will help ensure the protection of these young sea turtles against predators and other factors that threaten their existence.

This piece of good news comes just in time for the New Year, where a new hope awaits Chevron and its employees who tirelessly help to ensure that these sea turtles do not become extinct. With this, it looks like there will be new life coming to the Batangas Terminal real soon.

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