The new Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster offers that “just right” mix of performance and style

May 14, 2018

Clients that want the performance of the Mercedes-AMG GT have a wealth of options to choose from. There is the AMG GT, AMG GT-R, an AMG GT with four doors, and of course, a pair of open-top roadsters.

Actually, we stand corrected on that last bit. Mercedes-AMG is now offering a trio of droptops to suit different tastes. There is the standard AMG GT Roadster or the AMG GT C Roadster. Slotting in between these two is the new Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster. So why introduce a new variant to an already crowded lineup?

Mercedes-AMG seems to want people to think of its cars as having different states of tune to suit varying driving styles. Folks that simply want the open-air experience can go for the Standard model with its more-than-adequate 469hp. Those that want the full monty are definitely steered towards the AMG GT C with its 550hp.

Then there is the AMG GT S with its “just right” package that comes from a 515hp and 680Nm of torque produced by the 4.0-liter biturbo V8 motor. Mated to a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, it can scoot from zero to the century mark in 3.7 seconds and hit a 309kph top speed. Keen observers may note that these are very close to the 3.6-seocnd and 315kph top speed of the GT C.

Apart from the very close performance vis-à-vis its top-spec sibling, the AMG GT S Roadster does have a few distinct touches that help tell it apart from other models in the range. There is the AMG Chrome Package on the grille, fender fins, and diffuser. Or, one can go for the AMG Carbon Fiber or Night Packages for a truly tailor-made look. The inside likewise gets yellow accents, performance bits, or the optional AMG Silver Chrome package.

And yes, a few tweaks have been done to help heighten the driving experience even further. The GT S Roadster gets electronically controlled locking rear differential to help distribute that power to the back axle. The sharp yet supple ride promised by Merc is assured by the adaptive dampers with three adjustable settings. And speaking of adjustability, the driver can manipulate settings for steering, throttle, suspension, and the like via the Drive Mode Selector.

Just like the dampers and drive modes, choosing which AMG GT Roadster to get simply boils down to driving style. Whether it’s mild, just right, or wild, the choice is yours.

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