The Nissan IMk Concept shows us what city cars could like look in the near future

October 2, 2019

It’s small, cute, and powered by an electric motor.

This is one way to describe the recently-unveiled Nissan IMk concept.

This cute little city commuter is the Japanese brand’s take on how city dwellers would get around in the near future.

From the outside, it boasts a minimalist design with an illuminated grille up front, lighted roof slats, and taillight strips at the rear.

As mentioned, it is small—as in 3434mm long.

This makes is perfect for increasing crowded urban streets.

Yet don’t let the dimensions fool you as this one is spacious on the inside.

Since it onbly has one electric motor as a means of propulsion, there is more than enough space for a front seat bench, a large panoramic roof, and equally massive display on the dash.

In fact, the only controls you will see are the start button, steering wheel, and shifter.

The rest of the functions are called up via touchscreen.

As for that electric mill, it promises excellent acceleration and of course, Zero Emissions.

While the IMk is an autonomous vehicle, the presence of the steering wheel and shifter indicator that drivers can take control when they wish.

Of course, Nissan’s Imtelligent Mobility suite of safety systems will be on hand to help them out.

While there is no word on future production plans, the world will get to see this cute concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show this month.

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