The Nissan Navara gets the Advanced Display Audio and infotainment system

July 20, 2019

With more vehicles featuring large infotainment displays that can easily connect to one’s mobile device, Nissan Philippines Inc joins the fray by equipping the Navara with the new Nissan Advanced Display Audio system.

The bestselling pickup gets a large 8-inch capacitive touchscreen that features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. This allows users to easily apir the system with their smartphones and mobile devices and control various functions straight from the head unit. This makes for safer and distraction free driving.

Moreover, the Nissan Advanced Display Audio system can be utilized to call up the various features of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility suite. Now, pickup owners can use the screen to view their Around View Monitor that makes maneuvering and parking in tight spots a breeze. And yes, even more functions can be controlled by the bright display.

Get to know more about the Nissan Advanced Display Audio system in the Nissan Navara 4x4 VL.

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