Nissan PH begins 2020 with the Najima Drive video series for its #GoAnywhere campaign

February 12, 2020

Many people perceive car brand CEOs as someone who’s always glued to their desks. You know, that head honcho who everyone seems to look up to with utter silence in the office. That “why-so serious?” looking boss with gadgets on hand, rocking the corporate getup, and heading countless staff meetings to endlessly talk over slide presentations, papers, and spreadsheets.

In other words, many think of automotive company presidents as living the life... the monochrome life, that is; a routine-driven life with no colors other than black and white, and minimal social gigs, thrills, or anything that’s wow-inducing, to say the least.

While this common public perception may or may not be true, Nissan Philippines is out to prove the latter as it recently began an adventure, a tour of the most scenic locations in the country featuring not only its hot-selling vehicles, but also its President and Managing Director Atsushi Najima. Best part is that Nissan Philippines will take us along for the ride with its new video series called the Najima Drive!

In review, the Najima Drive is part of Nissan Philippines’ #GoAnywhere campaign that highlights the brand’s models such as the Patrol, Terra, and the Navara. It features scenic drives across the Philippines. The idea is that Najima takes for the ride a group of media personalities with the goal of letting them experience the best features, technology and comfort of the three aforementioned Nissan nameplates.

And yes, we have the first instalment of the Najima Drive video series right here. In this video, Najima, along with Ardie Lopez (Philippine Daily Inquirer), Georges Ramirez (C! Magazine), and Angel Rivero (Philippine Star) explore the mystical Visayan island of Siquijor onboard the Nissan Terra SUV.

Along the way, the group exchange thoughts and stories about travel and everything fun about road tripping. The media group also had a moment of getting to know more about Najima, his love for travel and his lively personality, among others.

Stay tuned for more of the Nissan #GoAnywhere Najima Drive adventures.

Photos and video: Nissan Philippines, Inc.

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