Nissan PH flexes new website with informative goodies and virtual showroom to make vehicle purchase all the more exciting anytime and anywhere

September 15, 2020

Nissan, as a global car brand, has seen big positive changes this year, despite the global onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of these is its recent introduction of the Ariya electric SUV.

Now, the Ariya itself is an evolution of Nissan’s venture into the world of electric mobility, a step forward from the already well-established Leaf. But there’s an even more important milestone the Japanese car brand has achieved - this being the global debut of its new brand logo, an image that will further cement its presence in the industry for years to come.

At a glance, this new corporate identity is thin, light, and flexible. Nissan refined it in such a way that it would still look very Nissan, very familiar, but is modernized with a digital-friendly look. Inspired by breakthroughs in science, technology and connectivity, it signals the evolution of Nissan as not only a traditional vehicle manufacturer, but also a provider of mobility and services.

Nissan’s pioneering efforts in electrification, driver assistance and digital connectivity is conveyed through the new logo, showing the brand’s commitment to its customers, employees, and the society it helps to move forward.

Here in the Philippines, Nissan, through its official local distributor, Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI), has made it clear the brand’s mission to move up and forward. And it all starts with improving the customers’ journey and helping all achieve safer mobility from the moment they plan to purchase a car.

Introducing... the brand-new Nissan Philippines website!

In a nutshell, the new Nissan Philippines website is your ultimate go-to place in cyberspace for anything and everything Nissan in the local market. It aims to provide exactly the same pleasant car buying experience one would get when physically visiting a Nissan dealership, minus the hassle of commuting or (considering today’s pandemic crisis) unnecessary physical interactions that defeats the purpose of social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Right off the bat, the Nissan Philippines VIRTUAL SHOWROOM takes prominence upon logging in and pressing the red “EXPLORE MORE” button contained in the opening slideshow. From here on, Nissan Philippines takes brand experience up a notch by showing what customers would actually see upon opening the showroom glass gates in real life.

As seen from the picture above, the brand didn’t skimp on providing full visual aids to make the experience as engaging as possible. It even features the GT-R Premium taking precedence, surrounded by some of Nissan Philippines’ models such as the Almera, Sylphy, Urvan, Terra, X-Trail, and the recently-launched 370Z.

Of this Virtual Showroom, Nissan Philippines added a cool quirk of letting site visitors do a 360-degree pan of the general area. Simply by clicking and holding the mouse cursor on your desktop computer, you can drag it to the left, to the right, and even up and down to glance the models and showroom fixtures. Alternatively if you’re using a mobile device, you may click on the red Explore More button which allows you to swipe the screen around, achieving the same panning effect as if on a desktop.

But that’s just for starters. Take a closer look, and you would see name tags called “Hotspots” for each model shown. Mouse over and click (or swipe and click on your mobile device) on one those to know more about a particular model, its price, specs, available colors, see a short video introduction, brows photos, or to view its interior features.

One awesome bit about the latter is the ability to do a panoramic tour of the vehicle interior, as if you’re inside. There, you may click on a particular interior feature, like the infotainment system, to know more about it. Talk about full attention to detail!

According to Nissan Philippines, “The enhanced website’s landing pages for each vehicle are now equipped with an interactive viewing feature, adding a colorizer option where customers can view the vehicles’ various color variants in various angles. Each vehicle’s landing page also have new product walk-around videos that share the excitement of discovering Nissan products, and highlights the benefits of Nissan Intelligent Mobility for vehicles with these features.”

And there’s more! Mouse over to the upper left of the site and click on the Menu button. This drops down the Nissan logo and more clickable tabs on the right. These are more Nissan Philippines online quirks and features beyond the virtual showroom. To explore all Nissan Philippines models in more detail, download brochures, and configure your Nissan (available on the X-Trail only as of the moment), click on VEHICLES tab.

You may also click on OWNERS tab to get in touch with a Nissan customer representative for warranty concerns/inquiries or to avail of Nissan after-sales offers such as Nissan express Service and Service on Wheels. Ordering parts will also be available on this tab very soon. 

When you click on the SERVICES tab, you’re greeted with options to know more about Nissan tech like the Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the brand’s suite of advanced driver assistance and vehicle safety features. Here, you may also browse through some quick tips on how to better take care of your vehicle for a more fulfilled ownership experience.

On the other hand, the FINANCE tab lets you in on tons of exclusive Nissan deals and offers. It also guides you on the right direction to conveniently purchase a Nissan with just a few simple clicks and requirements compliance. These include information about Nissan Philippines’ bank partner Eastwest Bank, the Nissan 3-Step Finance promos, and Eligibility/requirements for both individual and corporate accounts. Moving forward, the Nissan BRAND tab takes you in for a journey into the Nissan heritage, its history highlights, future tech, and more of what its brand is all about.

There’s also a drop side menu located on the extreme top right of the site when you click on the “hamburger” icon next to the Brands tab. Doing so would reveal more site features such as a way to get back to the VIRTUAL SHOWROOM, a link to DOWNLOAD BROCHURES, a link to FIND A NISSAN DEALER nearest you, an option to BOOK A TEST DRIVE, a link to Nissan’s COVID-19 INFORMATION updates, and the AT-HOME SHOPPING.

Focusing on the last two features from that menu, the Nissan COVID-19 Information link lets you in on the latest safety protocols NPI has, should the customer wish to still physically visit a Nissan showroom. Also included in the feature are COVID-19 specific services, COVID-19 specific financing offers, COVID-19 car care tips, and an overview of Nissan Philippines physical showroom safety and sanitation. The At-Home Shopping, on the other hand, encapsulates and summarizes all the website features for those new to visit it.

In conclusion, Nissan Philippines President and managing Director Atsushi Najima has this to say, “Nissan is dedicated to shaping an innovative, human-centric future for the Philippines. The launch of the first virtual showroom in the region for Nissan is a strong example that we consistently innovate to benefit the customer journey, especially in the face of challenges such as the pandemic. Under a secure and safe ‘new normal,’ the virtual showroom is one innovative way for us to push possibilities so that customers can seamlessly experience the Nissan brand from a digital platform right until they drive our vehicles. The virtual showroom not only brings new kind of excitement in experiencing Nissan products for Filipinos, but also ensures that our customers remain safe during the pandemic.”

Okay, that just about wraps up this article. To experience Nissan Philippines in style, visit

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