Nissan will soon bring the LEAF to the Philippines and other Asian countries

March 11, 2019

Since its introduction in 2010, the Nissan LEAF has seen some 400,000 customers go electric all around the world. Not content on resting on its laurels, Nissan continues to electrify the motoring landscape, this time in Asia and Oceania as it will soon offer the world’s best-selling purely electric vehicle in countries like Indonesia and the Philippines real soon.

This announcement was made during the Nissan Futures conference in Hong Kong recently. The folks from the Japanese car company revealed that the LEAF will go on sale in the said markets sometime in 2020. Moreover, it plans to localize production of e-vehicle components that will not only help drive costs down but also generate employment.

All this is part of Nissan’s Medium-Term Development Plan 2022 that seeks to increase sales of electric vehicles in various parts of the world. In Asia and Oceania, for instance, Nissan’s goal is to have one-fourth of its total vehicle sales be comprised of electric vehicles. Besides the LEAf, Nissan will likewise be offering its e-Power models such as the Serena, an MPV that runs on electric power yet need not be charged or topped up.

Such vehicles are at the forefront of the brand’s Intelligent Mobility mantra. This philosophy looks to change the way vehicles are driven, powered, and integrated into society.

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