Past meets present: Porsche 911 Speedster Concept celebrates 70 years of Porsche heritage

June 11, 2018

Throughout its 70 year history, Porsche has had a long line of Speedster models. In fact, it all began with the 356 Roadster that was rolled out on June 8, 1948. To celebrate this historic day, the German sports car maker unveils the Porsche 911 Speedster Concept.

The body may look like a 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet from the beltline downwards. Porsche, however, has added a few touches to mix the present with its glorious past. The windshield has been given a more aggressive angle while the side windows have been chopped—paying homage to Speedsters of yore.

More yesteryear cues can be seen from the double bubble carbon fiber cover that is in place of the rear seats. And this being a Speedster, the electric folding roof has been ditched in favor or a weatherproof cover. The biggest and coolest styling cue may very well be those Talbot –style racing mirrors that give the car a classic vibe. The look is finished off by the number 70 placed on each door, to let the world know this is a birthday present from Porsche to Porsche fans on its special day. These number decals go nicely with the GT Silver and White exterior finish and the racing-inspired headlight covers—both of which are a throwback to the brand’s rich motorsport history.

The various carbon fiber accents on the outside carry over to the cabin. This can be seen (or not seen, in this case) in the lightweight construction of those carbon fiber seats covered in light brown Aniline upholstery. More weight saving measures are employed by deleting the navigation and air-conditioning systems.  The deletion of these creature comforts is made up for by the 500hp flat-6 that promises both performance and a glorious soundtrack.

But alas, the Porsche 911 Speedster Concept is merely just that—a design study. It’s meant to pay tribute to Porsche’s rich heritage and celebrate its 70th birthday. It is likewise meant to show the future of the Speedster. Should it ever make it to production, this would happen sometime in 2019.

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