Piaggio PH launches new models that promise better business solutions for Pinoy entrepreneurs of today

April 30, 2019

Autoitalia Philippines Enterprises, Inc., an affiliate of the Autohub Group and the official distributor of Piaggio commercial motorcycles in the country, recently launched its newest models would help Filipinos do business more efficiently and productively. These are the Apé Auto DX, Apé Xtra LDX, Apé Auto DAC, and the Porter 1000.

These new Piaggio models offer better business solutions as these are highly customizable to fit just about all small business and enterprise needs. From transporting people from Points A to B, to serving as delivery vehicles or mobile eatery, these business bikes are sure to do the job.

Best part about these commercial vehicles is that they are powered by Euro 4-compliant diesel engines that are said to be the smallest diesel mills to ever be fitted onto a commercial vehicle. Despite its small 435cc displacement, it’s touted as having a highly efficient rate of consumption, only 36km/l on primary and secondary roads.

Piaggio Apé Auto DX

A passenger platform that can carry up to four passengers and a driver, the Auto DX comes in Blanco White, Western Red, Eco-Green, Charming Blue, Jet Black and Golden Yellow. SRP: P218,000

Piaggio Apé Xtra LDX

With a 3-sided cargo deck opening that can carry 535kg, the Xtra LDX is the basic cargo model, and is both reliable and efficient. Comes in Blanco White and Charming Blue. SRP: P248,000

Piaggio Apé Auto DAC

The Auto DAC’s 5x5 flatbed gives it a lot of space for cargo. You can also turn it into a closed van or a 3-wing van: cafe, bar, support vehicle, or whatever you can imagine. It can also be turned into a small jeepney, patrol car, or even a fire truck, making it a good solution for local government units. Comes in Blanco White, Western Red, Eco-Green, and Jet Black SRP: P218,000

Piaggio Porter 1000 (4-Wheeler)

The Piaggio Porter 1000 combines the toughness of a truck with the size of a city car, making it a handy solution for cargo while efficiently using space. Coupled with the ease maintaining a small vehicle, the Porter gives you the option to carry larger loads while avoiding the costs of a full-scale truck. It’s also Euro 4 compliant, with a top speed of 70 km/h and a low fuel consumption rating of 20km/l. Cost-effective and a great solution for larger deliveries, the Porter comes in Eco Green, Blanco White, and Western Red. SRP: P488,000

For inquiries, you may contact (02) 251-0563, visit their showroom at 138 Brgy. Tatalon St., Quezon Ave. cor. Araneta Ave., Quezon City.

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