Porsche implements 2-week production hold due to COVID-19 pandemic

March 21, 2020

Due to the rising cases of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 or COVID-19, much of the world’s industrial leaders have either temporarily stopped their operation, or have adjusted their production to the most minimum of minimums. This is keenly felt in the global automotive scene, with a huge number of brands taking drastic measures to save their workforces and consumers.

And one such brand is Porsche.

In a short email sent to us by PGA Cars, the official importer of Porsche cars in the Philippines, it said that the German car brand has decided to temporarily stop its production in both its main facilities in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig. This is in response to the significant rise in COVID-19 infection in the country, as well to resulting measures implemented by relevant authorities.

The move takes effect on March 21, and will last for a period of two weeks. Given the unpredictable situation, this immediate action will likely be subjected for evaluation if it would extend or be lifted after the 2-wwek duration.

Furthermore, Porsche has decided that its workforce, bottlenecks in global supply chains will no longer allow for efficient production. At the same time, it’s is preparing for a decline in demand and is securing its financial strength with the suspension of plant operations. The steps are taken through an orderly process and are held in close cooperation with its labor council.

And to top it all off, the brand has also banned its entire workforce from business travels, has implemented work-from-home or “mobile working” policies, and has issued a directive to all of its personnel to use video conferencing to move forward despite the restrictions faced.

Thankfully, Porsche still has no reported cases of COVID-19 positives within its workforce. Here’s to hoping (and praying) that none of its people will ever contract the virus.

From Porsche to the world, stay strong, stay safe, stay sanitized, and stay sane during and beyond these trying times.

About the Author

Randolph de Leon
Randy is a person with disability (PWD), a partially-blinded person with only his left eye functioning. Since childhood, the automobile has always been his passion, and is able to express it through photography and most recently, through writing as well. Outside the motoring beat, Randy spends time manning the media aspect of his business which he co-founded with his sister/college classmate. It's called Dragonlight Wellness and Solutions, a multi-business venture centering on improving peoples' lives through earning.