The Power of 3D Printing Will Help Ensure That Every Classic Porsche Lives On

February 19, 2018

Classic car restorers will know that one of the most difficult obstacles they need to hurdle is sourcing the right parts. This is especially true for those enthusiasts that are working on a rare offering that have parts that are hard to come by.

Porsche Classic knows this problem all too well and has come up with a viable solution. It’s called 3D printing. Yes, the German sports car maker’s classic car division has utilized the power of technology to 3D print spare parts for its vintage offerings.

As 3D printing isn’t just confined to paper products, Porsche has tapped this innovation to re-create rare parts. This is useful for those spare pieces that aren’t really in demand yet are still needed to piece together those classic gems. Take for instance, the Porsche 959’s clutch release lever. Being a rare production gem that only had 292 examples produced throughout its production run, parts such as the aforementioned lever will definitely be in low demand.

This doesn’t mean, however, that aficionados that want to restore such a classic can’t have their cake and eat it too. This is where 3D printing comes into play. The release lever can be re-created with precise specifications that meet even the most exacting standards of Porsche engineers.

Porsche Classic will be 3D printing eight other parts to ensure that every model that would undergo a restoration process won’t be left hanging. These include steel and plastic components using various 3D printing methods. Each one is designed using the strictest and most exacting standards.

With all this, Porsche is truly committed to ensuring that every Classic Porsche lives on for years to come.

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