PUV Modernization Boosts Employment and will Generate Over 3,000 Jobs in Manufacturing Sector

September 19, 2023

The Philippines takes a significant leap forward in its journey towards modernization with the PUV (Public Utility Vehicle) Modernization Program, which not only promises improved transportation services but also offers a substantial economic benefit by creating more than 3,000 jobs in the manufacturing industry. The Automotive Body Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (ABMAP), represented by Mr. Von Carlo Deveza, reports that the PUV Modernization Program is paving the way for economic growth and prosperity.

The PUV Modernization Program, initiated by the Philippine government, is a comprehensive plan aimed at enhancing public transportation across the country. It focuses on upgrading public utility vehicles to meet higher standards of safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness, providing commuters with a more reliable and comfortable transportation experience.

One of the key components of this program is the production of modern PUV bodies, which are essential for the transformation of the country's public transportation system. ABMAP, the representative body for automotive body manufacturers in the Philippines, highlights the pivotal role it plays in this initiative. By providing modern and efficient PUV bodies, local manufacturers are contributing significantly to the modernization effort.

Von Carlo Deveza, spokesperson for ABMAP, commented on the positive impact of the PUV Modernization Program on the Philippine manufacturing industry, saying, "The PUV Modernization Program is a game-changer for our sector. It not only addresses the transportation needs of our citizens but also fuels economic growth by creating more than 3,000 jobs and increasing added value contribution on the manufacturing sector."

The manufacturing of PUV bodies requires skilled labor and the use of advanced technologies, contributing to the development of a more robust and competitive manufacturing sector in the Philippines. With the demand for modern PUVs on the rise, local manufacturers are experiencing increased production, which, in turn, leads to more job opportunities for Filipinos.

The job creation resulting from the PUV Modernization Program is not limited to factory workers alone. It also involves various aspects of the supply chain, including research and development, logistics, and quality control, further boosting the nation's manufacturing ecosystem.

Furthermore, the growth of the manufacturing sector is expected to have a multiplier effect on the Philippine economy, as it stimulates local consumption and promotes the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) involved in various aspects of the PUV production process.

As the PUV Modernization Program continues to unfold, it is clear that it is not only a transportation revolution but also a catalyst for economic progress. With the combined efforts of the government, industry stakeholders, and the hardworking people of the Philippines, the program is well on its way to reshaping the nation's transportation landscape while fostering job creation and economic prosperity.

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