Q-Ship: Audi’s sleek coupe SUV, the Q8, drives into the scene

June 6, 2018

A year and a half ago, Audi broke the news that it would be unveiling an all-new SUV in the form of the Q8. Teaser shots and a concept vehicle shown at motor shows like the North American Auto Show in Detroit gave us an idea of what the Q8 would look like. It was set to take on the likes of other premium coupe-SUVs such as the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe.

Well, the time has arrived as Audi just took the wraps off the all-new Q8. Dubbed as the top-tier model in the growing Q family, the new Q8 shows off new styling cues such as the larger Singleframe grille (first seen on the tatest-gen A8), sleek headlamps, a sloping roofline, large C-pillars, and tailgiths flanking a tin LED light bar. It’s an SUV wrapped in a sleek  five-door coupe.

While the roof may be sleeker than most SUVs in the range, the cabin is actually quite generous in terms of space. The cargo hold, for instance, is pegged at 605L with the seats up. Fold those rear chairs and you get 1,755L to play with. Of course, the requisite power tailgate is part of the package, along with an optional motorized parcel shelf.

More Audi goodness can be seen up front with the two large touchscreens dominating the center dash. Another info display is placed in front of the driver and gives all the necessary driving data needed. It’s a mix of A8 but in a larger and more flexible execution.

The new Q8 utilizes Audi’s patented Spaceframe platform, albeit with more lightweight materials to help save weight. This, along with the mild hybrid tech thrown in helps save on precious fuel. The 3.0-liter TDI V6 in the Q8 50 TDI comes with a 40-volt electric motor, a lithium-ion battery, and a belt-driven alternator to add extra power and act as a generator when called upon. The new system, for instance, can run up to 160kph on pure electric power and harness some 12kw during regenerative braking and deceleration.

Those concerned about the numbers will be pleased to know that the Q8’s diesel mill delivers 286hp and 600Nm of torque. Mated to an 8-speed tiptronic gearbox and quattro all-wheel drive, it allows the SUV to sprint from 0-100kph in 6.3 seconds.

So there you have it: Audi’s entry into the growing coupe-SUV class. Expect to see the Q8 make its market debut in the third quarter of 2018.

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