Refreshed Toyota Vios enters the Philippine automotive scene, all ready for the 2021 model year

July 25, 2020

It seems like yesterday when Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) pulled the covers off the locally-made 4th generation Vios subcompact sedan. But time flew by so fast that it felt the need to refresh the still relatively new model. This led to the recent Philippine debut of the face-lifted Vios, which is slated for the 2021 model year.

Firstly, let it be clear that the changes Toyota has made to its best-selling small car is on the minimal side, but as per what’s seen on the online launch and the photos given to us, these minute changes did make the car stand out from the lot.

Externally, TMP headlines the Vios with a redesigned fascia. It’s got a sharper-looking grille that enhances the knife-like design of the headlights, which, by the way, now sport daytime running lights to help oncoming traffic and pedestrians see it better at all times.

Below the bumper is a bigger air intake, flanked with redesigned fog light housings. No changed have been made on the sides, but the rear end does have a pair of slightly-redesigned tail lights to complete the look.

To this author, the 2021 Toyota Vios could look all the more wicked when fitted with some badass racing body kit and other mods from TRD. But sadly, TMP clarified that it will not make this a Vios Circuit Championship machine come next year's season. The reason being is that all of last year's active teams and drivers who plan to continue racing next year have spent considable amount of money and effort to avail the pre-facelift model to be turned into racing machines. It would be impractical to replace those cars in such a short amount of time, just to highlight this new one which is essentially the same kind as what they already have.

Inside the refreshed Vios is a familiar scene. That’s because almost nothing has been changed. Although TMP is boasting that the higher-grade variants come with a slew of gizmos such as a 7-inch touch screen head unit, connectivity features (Bluetooth, weblink, USB), digital air-con, reverse camera for safer and easier parking, and a push-start button.

As for safety, the 2021 Vios is fitted with 7 airbags, vehicle stability control, among others. Do keep in mind that lower-grade variants do come with 3 airbags.

Yes, you may have already noticed “variants” appearing more than once in this news bit. That’s because TMP is making the 2021 Vios available in 9 trims. These are the...

  • 1.3 Base MT (P671,000)
  • 1.3 J MT (P697,000)
  • 1.3 XE CVT (P747,000)
  • 1.3 XLE MT (P791,000)
  • 1.3 XLE CVT (P841,000)
  • 1.3 E MT (P841,000)
  • 1.3 E CVT (P891,000)
  • 1.5 G MT (P997,000)
  • 1.5 G CVT (P1,056,000)

Aside from it being proudly Philippine-made under the Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) program, TMP takes pride in the fact that the Philippines is the first country to release the refreshed 2021 model.

To highlight this achievement, buyers of the 2021 Vios can enjoy free periodic maintenance package up to 20,000 KMs, 5-year warranty, and one year comprehensive insurance. Loyal customers may also take advantage of trade-in discounts, while both current car owners and first time buyers can choose from flexible financing deals. The refreshed 2021 Vios will also be made available through the recently introduced car-leasing program, Kinto One.

To know more about the 20201 Toyota Vios, including its assortment of accessories and available colors, visit the Toyota Motor Philippines Vios Virtual Showroom or the TMP official Facebook page.

2019 Toyota Vios Circuit Championship photo by Randolph de Leon

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