Shelby coming to our shores to wow Filipino car enthusiasts

October 10, 2019

Shelby—a name that stands for performance motoring for more than five decades niow.

After a long wait, Filipino car enthusiasts will finally get to experience the brand of performance, thanks to the AutoHub Group that just acquired the exclusive distribution rights.

Set for a January 2020 launch, the Autohub Group will sell Shelby parts and accessories in the Philippines.

It wil also set up a service center that will be manned by well-trained technician who have undergone training in the United States.

Named after the great American race car driver and automotive designer Caroll Shelby, the marque is best known for classics such as the AC Cobra and of course, the Shelby Mustang from the 1960s.

Today, it tunes the Mustang to achieve supercar performance with that muscle car flair.

If you’re a Filipino car nut, then get ready to experience Shelby in the Philippines

About the Author

Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
Gerard has been a self-confessed car nut ever since he was a little boy. As a grown-up, he indulges in his passion by collecting toy cars (which he started since childhood) and reading up on the latest cars out there.  As Associate Editor, he will ensure that you get your fill of the latest cars in the market, as well as a load of automotive features.