Some Isuzu PH dealerships are once again operational in provincial areas under GCQ

May 9, 2020

Following the onslaught of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 in the Philippines, the national government has decided to impose a nationwide Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) last March 17.

This required non-essential businesses and industries to temporarily stop operations in order to mitigate or prevent the spread of the virus. These on-sight entertainment, malls, tourism, restaurants (permitted to take delivery and take-out orders via online), car dealerships, among others. Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), the official distributor of Isuzu vehicles in the country, followed suit, thus closing all of its dealerships and corporate offices.

A couple months have passed since the implementation of the ECQ, and the government has seen its adverse effects in the economy. The economy has to somehow bounce back. This prompted it to lift the ECQ restrictions in some provincial areas, and instead impose a General Community Quarantine or GCQ. In a nutshell, the GCQ is a less-restricted form of quarantine wherein certain non-essential businesses are allowed to operate with strict requirements to practice social distancing, sanitation, and other precautionary measures.

IPC took all this into consideration, thus the reopening of some of its dealerships in areas under GCQ. These include Isuzu dealerships in Isabela, Iguig, Naga, Calapan, Dumaguete, Bohol, Leyte, Cagayan De Oro, Butuan, Dipolog and General Santos.

In compliance with the IATF-EID’s guidelines for businesses within the GCQ-designated areas, these dealerships shall strictly enforce health measures such as social distancing and regular disinfection of showroom and service shop.

For onsite servicing and vehicle deliveries and pickups, physical distancing will still be enforced, as well as wearing face masks. Subject vehicles shall also be disinfected before and after servicing. For vehicles to be picked up for servicing, customers are advised to remove all valuables from the vehicle;

Before releasing to customers, brand new vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Vehicles that will be brought in for servicing, on the other hand, will be cleaned and disinfected prior to entering the service area and before releasing to customers.

The same operational measures shall be followed for other Isuzu dealerships that will open in other parts of the country once their areas are downgraded from ECQ to GCQ.

Isuzu clients are encouraged to contact the dealership’s hotline to book for sales and service appointment for faster transaction once in the showroom. For the list of dealer hotline, log on to for more details.

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