Suzuki PH’s DEALightful Wheels promo gives you a chance to score a Suzuki motorbike for FREE when you purchase an Ertiga MPV!

October 20, 2020

As one of the few automakers to also carry a line of motorcycle models alongside its four-wheeled wares, Japanese brand Suzuki is at the top of its game. And what better way to showcase that feat than to come up with a fresh new promo for both passenger car and motorbike fans alike. Presenting the Suzuki DEALightful Wheels Promo!

Okay, so what’s the big deal about this promo? As you’ve already seen from the title, this opens up a chance for you to win a brand new Suzuki motorcycle in the form of the latest Skydrive 125 Fi when you purchase a brand new Suzuki Ertiga MPV. Best part is there will be 10 units of the Skydrive 125 Fi up for grabs! How’s that for a DEALightfully double treat to start off the last quarter of 2020?

In more detail, the Suzuki DEALightful Wheels Promo is open to all Suzuki Philippines customers nationwide who’ll purchase any variant of the Ertiga 7-seat MPV from October 10 to October 31.

Since online streaming is the hottest trend nowadays, winners will be announced live on November 9 via the official Suzuki Philippines Facebook Page. To make things legit, fair, and square, winners will be electronically drawn, and the process will be supervised by a DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) representative. The live online draw will pick 3 winners from NCR, 3 from Luzon, 2 from Visayas, and 2 from Mindanao.

Perhaps you’ll stop reading from here, and that’s totally fine. Maybe you’re about to be doing something else or have decided to give it a whirl, racing to your phone, and contacting a Suzuki dealer near you. But before you go, here is some cool Suzuki Ertiga info.

The Ertiga is one of Suzuki Philippines’ most popular vehicles with a retail price that starts at P738,000. Designed like a buffed up Suzuki Swift hatchback, the Ertiga MPV, with its 7-seat capacity, arrives to and leaves the destination in style.

Under the hood is a 1.5L gasoline engine that also powers the rugged and stylish Suzuki Jimny small SUV. That said, the Ertiga delivers 103 hp and 138 Nm of torque, and is capable of hauling the car with a full load, may it be of passengers, recreational equipment, lightweight business supplies, and more.

There, you can leave now. Thank you for reading. Good luck ...

... On second thought, WAIT UP! There’s one more awesome news you need to catch!

Just so everything is all great and everyone all happy, Suzuki Philippines is proud to announce that it is extending all of its other current promos until October 31, 2020! These include the D-Zire-able Deals, the Big Hero Promo, and the Back 4 More Deals!

Okay, that just about wraps up this quick news bit. Visit the Suzuki Philippines website or its official Facebook page for more details.

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