SYNChronizing Sensations: On High with Ecosport in Tagaytay

October 6, 2017

Life, they say, is a struggle. The reality is that we often find ourselves struggling to reach our goals, our hopes, and dreams. And while this can be truly fulfilling in the end, the sad truth is that many of us tend to lose a few things along the way. 

The constant race tends to make us lose touch with our family, our friends, and even ourselves. Yet all is not lost, thanks to Ford Philippines’ EcoSport Media Drive. Unlike the usual ride-and-drive, we  tried to find back the way to ourselves and connect to nature through wellness activities as we capped off September.

From Ford Bonifacio Global City, we headed out one fine morning to Tagaytay City via the Carmona exit. It was a different route for us going to the second summer capital of the Philippines and we traversed different road conditions like wide roads, narrow streets, off-road and highway. Along the way, we got to try the various features of the EcoSport, most notably the Sync™️ 3 infotainment system that allows us to easily connect their gadgets for a safer and more relaxed drive while still keeping in touch with the world.    

Our first stop was at Daila F.A.R.M.S. along  Santa Rosa-Tagaytay road. This vast tract of land is home to a nature retreat that allows one to enjoy a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle we call “life.” At the farm, they’re all for organic, recyclable, natural and fresh. The house of the owner explained to us that the houses inside the farm is either made through woods or those clay sands with bottles. 

It was an eye opener for us that this can be done and that it’s durable even though it’s not the usual cement.

After touring the farm, we had a yoga session by Flow Retreats where we connect with our body and mind. They also taught us how to “detox” yourself with easy steps and simple home remedies.

                                                          These are the ways on how you can detox

Daila promotes “organic” and “farm to table” so we had a cooking challenge where we prepared delicious meals and salad using only the freshest and most natural ingredients.

As we catch sunset, we went on a quiet place, meditated and find our inner peace. You know how Kung Fu Panda find their inner peace? Well that’s exactly it… not kidding but that style actually works.

Speaking of inner peace, what made our de-stressing drive more special was the kind of relaxation at our accommodation—Nurture Wellness Village. It’s about being one with nature and appreciating the beauty of it and the blissful sound of silence. And of course, before we sleep, we had an invigorating massage. Mine was called “Aruga” (very Pinoy, right?) wherein I had a full body signature massage using Hulay Massage Oil – a soothing blend of lavender and ylang ylang essential oils which create a sense of deep calm. It was a nurturing and recharging experience for both mind and body. Definitely a must try!

And just like the destinations, the Ford EcoSport tried to make life as simple and stress-free as possible. Apart from the Sync™️3 infotainment interface, the vehicle itself offers owners the flexibility of a daily driver on weekdays and a roadtrip warrior on weekends. 

We truly had an experience that we can say On High with EcoSport in Tagaytay.

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