The Toyota Fortuner’s infotainment system gets in tune with the times

September 18, 2019

While the current-generation Toyota Fortuner may look truly modern, its infotainment system may be lagging behind in terms of connectivity, for instance.

Until now, that is, as Toyota Motor Pilippines gives it bet-selling midsize SUV a new and improved infotainment unit.

The revised version now gets a 6.75-inch touchscreen display, as wel as a dedicated SD card slot to plug in your multimedia data, RAM that is now pegged at 512MB, and 8GB is storage (up from the previous 256MB).

The most welcome change, however, is arguably the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

This allows easy smartphone and mobile device integration with both platforms. This allows users to use apps such as navigation, music streaing, and the like, along with making calls or texting straight from their mobile phone—all without taking their eyes off the road or hands from the steering wheel.

The new infotainment system upgrade is now standard on all six (6) Fortuner variants.

Visit your nearest Toyota dealer to find out more.

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