Toyota gives Grab driver-partners Total Care Service

December 19, 2018

With ride-sharing vehicles traveling to and fro on a daily basis , it’s not surprising that such cars rack up almost five times the mileage of private vehicles. So it goes without saying that keeping these rides in top form is crucial not only for business for the safety of the riding public.

This is why Toyota Motor Corporation, thru its subsidiary, Toyota Ais-Pacific Pte Ltd., offers the Total-Care Service program that essentially aims to help ride-sharing companies manage their fleets more efficiently.  The new service will initially be offered in Singapore, particularly via tie-up with Grab Holdings’ GrabRentals flet of some 1.500 vehicles.

Utilizing Toyota’s Translog data transmission system, real-time information such as vehicle maintenance status, wear and tear of various parts, and even driver behavior will be recorded and sent to Grab and Toyota to keep them updated on the status of their vehicle. Grab, for instance, can use this for fleet management, as well as helping  keep insurance premiums down. Toyota, on the other hand, can closely keep an eye on the vehicle’s status and remind drivers to come in for a scheduledservice or even alert them if something is amiss.

All this is in keeping with the two companies’ shared goal of ensuring safe and reliable mobility for all. Grab drivers can be assured that they will have cars that are reliable and relatively cheap to maintain. Toyota, meanwhile, can capitalize on this and become a total mobility provider for all.

After the test phase in Singapore, Toyota and Grab will eventually roll out the service in other Asia-Pacific countries.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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