Trident’s new program give you peace of mind on making that big investment today for the future

June 25, 2020

Investing big for the future is more relevant today than ever before. While setting your sights on that brand new car, condo, or built-from-the-ground-up home is well and good, the most practical thing for a lot of people nowadays is looking into the classifieds sections for quality pre-owned stuff.

But the truth of the matter is that there’s always a catch on the consumer’s part when investing on a pre-owned car or property. The most prevalent of which is the ownership history of the unit. This, of course, brings up a number of questions...

Was the vehicle previously used for dubious activities, or does it have a long list of traffic violations (as per the 2019 MMDA No-Contact Apprehension policy wherein driver violations are tagged on the vehicle’s Land Transportation Office records)? Was the house or condo unit acquired legally, or was it a criminal hide-out at some point? Safety, security, and legal matters like these do come to mind.

Normally to do a background check, one would go to the local Registry of Deeds for assistance. But this, for some people, is a bit of a hassle, considering the amount of cases the agency handles on a daily basis, plus the amount of steps one must take just to bring the matter up for investigation. This is where TRIDENT CREDIT SUPPORT AND COLLECTION SERVICES, INC. or simply known as Trident comes in.

In review, Trident was organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 25, 2015. It is best known, especially in the private sector, for providing credit support services to banks and non-bank financial institutions. These include Credit Verification, Title of Property Ownership Investigation and Verification, Real Estate and Chattel Mortgage Registration, LTO Encumbrance, Assessor’s Office, BIR, LRA, Bureau of Lands related transactions and other ancillary works.

Its role is to assist the aforementioned agencies and organizations in the evaluation and management of the credit risks associated with the delivery of loan products to clients. It also offers collection services for the recovery of funds invested in their non-performing loan accounts.

Today, it is branching out to cater to the public at large. And what better way to make its name more widespread than to provide its top-quality services to people who make peace of mind a top-priority when making an investment. It does this through its new program called Trident Asikaso.

According to Trident President Atty. Edward Cesar C. Martin, Jr., “Trident Asikaso enables the public to directly engage with Trident for all their registration and documentation needs. For example, a client is applying for a housing or auto loan. They will be required by their banks to submit certified true copies of titles, tax declarations, tax clearances and similar documents. Instead of personally securing these documents from various government offices, they can just book with Trident, and the we will take it from there.”

In addition, Trident Asikaso can save time and effort, and clients are guaranteed that the requirements for the request of these documents are met. Trident will pre-check all supporting documents to be submitted, and ensure the correct certifications or documents requested from these agencies are correct and what the Banks actually asked for.

Since properties and/or vehicles are costly investments, it would help if buyers perform due diligence and check the title or ownership history. Trident Asikaso can do that for both property and vehicles through Title tracebacks and vehicle history verifications. Prior knowledge of existing issues with the property or vehicle will enable clients to have an informed choice when they make their purchase.

This is just the “in the nutshell” of what Trident and its new Trident Asikaso program has in store for its clients, here and overseas. More of it is discussed on this -> short interview <- by James Deakin in one of his “TitoClock” Facebook live episodes, featuring Atty. Edward Cesar C. Martin, Jr.

To get to know more about Trident and the Trident Asikaso program, you may visit or their official facebook page. You may also reach out and talk to Trident via its hotline (02) 8424-2929.

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Randolph de Leon
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