Tuason Racing's "quicksilver" achievement: Celebrating 25 Years of Motorsports Excellence and Innovation

January 24, 2024

(Images by Tuason Racing and Randolph de Leon)

Tuason Racing, the premier motorsports organizer in the Philippines, is celebrating its 25th anniversary, marking a quarter-century of thrilling achievements and innovative contributions to the racing world. Known for its professional and safe execution of one-make race series such as the Vios Cup, Tuason Racing hass established itself as a benchmark in the industry.

Turning Passion into Business: The Founders' Journey

The story of Tuason Racing is incomplete without the tale of its founders, JP and Jeanette Tuason. The couple, who started organizing events while dating andm arried in the same year, brought together their unique strengths to build thise empire. JP, a champion international race car driver and a Formula 3 racer, infused the company with his racing expertise and competitive spirit. With her marketing andwriting skills, Jeanette propelled the brand to new heights. Their combined effortshave led to Tuason Racing hosting some of the largest racing grids in Asia.

A Year of New Initiatives

As Tuason Racing steps into its 25th year, it's gearing up for several exciting projects, each designed to open new doors in the world of motorsports:

● Open Doors Program: A highlight of this program is the 1NZ Unity Cup, a unique opportunity for racers to compete in a large grid of 30-35 cars. Thisp platform is not just about competition; it's about honing skills, gaining experience, and preparing racers for higher levels of competition. The 1NZ Unity Cup is a testament to Tuason Racing's dedication to providing emerging talents with real-world racing experiences.

● The Top Driver Challenge, both on-track and online, provides career opportunities in motorsports, including roles as racing instructors and WORKS team members. This project offers a platform for racing enthusiasts to turn their passion into a profession. 

● Champions of the Future: This program is dedicated to training the next generation of race car drivers. This karting program for kids ages 8-16 aims to nurture young talent and provide a path to a career in motorsports.

● Team Road Safety: As Road Safety Advocates and Trainers, Tuason Racing is launching an advocacy program that offers free road safety seminars to schools and villages. Focused on Courtesy on the road, these campaigns to provide a different approach to making our roads safer.

● Scholarship for Mechanics: Recognizing the vital role of mechanics in motorsports, Tuason Racing is introducing a scholarship program to support and educate aspiring professionals in this field and allow them to keep Filipino talents and work in teams abroad.

A Look Back and Ahead

"Tuason Racing is all about innovation," Founder and CEO JP Tuason mentioned in his speech at the Anniversary Kickoff celebration. "We want to be able to provide always better, win-win solutions' to everyone around us."

At the start of the celebration, Co-founder and Chief Culture and Strategy Officer Jeanette Tuason thanked the media, influencers, business partners, racers, and tammates for their monumental part in Tuason Racing's success.

As Tuason Racing celebrates this significant milestone, it stands as a testament to Its founders and team's passion, dedication, and vision. Their journey from organizing local events to creating a legacy in Asian motorsports is an inspiring story of ambition and success. With their upcoming projects and initiatives, Tuason Racing continues to pave the way for a brighter, more thrilling future in motorsports.

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