Ultra 4 Endurance Race fires up in celebration at the first TRS Raceday

November 28, 2018

It was a weekend of speed, speed, and more speed as Tuason Racing School (TRS), the country’s premier racing school, green flagged its 2018 TRS Raceday. Held last November 24 at the 4.2 Km-long Clark International Speedway in Pampanga, the event was touted as a celebration of Philippine motorsports and car culture on the fast lane.

The weekend started off with a Track Day grid of more than 50 supercars from a variety of car clubs and individuals. Drivers were given the finest hours of the morning to enjoy their high-performance rides on a series of laps around the track. There were also kiddie karting sessions on the side for the little ones to enjoy and learn about road safety.

But the day’s activities were made special during high noon with the event’s headliner; the Ultra 4 Endurance Race. In brief, the Ultra 4 Endurance Race is a 4-hour enduro aimed to not only test the limits of man and machine, but also to celebrate the success of TRS’ two major sporting series this year; the Toyota Vios Cup and the GiTi Formula V1 Race Challenge.

JP Tuason, the main man of TRS, noted that this race was created outside the championship standings. This meant that teams and drivers were allowed to give it everything they’ve got for fun and for the love of racing, all without worrying about championship points, trophies, or ranks. It’s pure racing fun under the sun.

With that in mind, the grid was lined with 20 racing machines comprising of 14 Formula V1 cars and 6 Vios Cup entries. A total of 18 teams took the challenge, with some entering racecars for both the V1 and the Vios Class. Each machine was also shared among two to three drivers so as to keep the competition on high. The drivers, by the way (a mix of amateur, seasoned, foreign, local, male, and female drivers), came from a wide variety of motorsports disciplines such as GT racing, touring car racing, drifting, formula racing, among others.

Qualifying Time Trial

The Ultra 4 started off with a series of qualifying runs. In Vios Cup Class, Car #77 (team Toyota North EDSA/Obengers) led the time sheets with a best lap time of 2:24.886. In 2nd was Car #26 (team Toyota Quezon Avenue Racing) which stopped the clock at 2:26.702. Meanwhile, qualifying 3rd with a time of 2:27.169 was Car #73 (team Mango Suites/OTR Racing).

Up in V1 Class, Car #17 (team Clean Fuel Racing) made a blistering 2:09.961 best lap time, enough to land a clean position up front. In 2nd was Car #08 (team PartsPro racing) which managed to chart a best lap time of 2:10.242. Rounding off the time sheets in 3rd was Car #20 (team Toyota Balintawak/Obengers) with a noteworthy best lap time of 2:11.266.

Ultra 4 Endurance Race

The first ever TRS Ultra 4 Endurance Race went green and go at exactly 1:15 in the afternoon. It lasted until 5:15 p.m., and with it came an exciting 4 hours of head-to-head battles, pit lane pokers, corner attacks, and straightaway drag racing that provided drama and thrills for drivers and audiences alike.

Clinching 1st place victory in Vios Class was Car #73 (team Mango Suites/OTR Racing), followed by Car #16 (team Toyota Quezon Avenue Racing). Finally in 3rd was Car #90 (team Toyota Balintawak/Obengers).

Considered as the “spiritual final leg” of the inaugural GiTi Formula V1 race Challenge, drivers in this class had it all in great times. As regard, Car #17 (team Clean Fuel Racing) made it home in 1st place. In 2nd was Car #08 (team PartsPro Racing). Rounding off the winners circle in 3rd was Car #24 (team Clean Fuel Racing).

All in all, the first TRS Raceday was a success. Not only did the participant had a lot of fun, many have learned something new; how to fall in love with racing and enjoy it more than just the competition that it naturally comes with. Congrats, Tuason Racing School. Congratulations to all of us racing fans.

Photos by Randolph de Leon and JP Tuason

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