Unpredictable weather played hard as the 2023 Tuason Racing Formula V1 Race Challenge holds Round 2

October 31, 2023

Photos by Randolph de Leon and Tuason Racing

Originally scheduled in July, the 2nd round of the 2023 Tuason Racing Formula V1 Challenge finally went green and go. It was held last October 27-28 at the 4.2 Km long Clark International Speedway in Pampanga.

But there's something news about this particular round, however. And it will take effect from here on out. It's the return of GT Radial Philippines as Formula V1's official tire sponsor! 

As with the opening round, this leg consisted of two skill-based classes, Am Class and Pro Class.

Am Class

The former saw such names as Juancho Briobio and Rainy Medina each taking a win in Races 4 and 6, respectively. Below are the finishing orders for Races 4 & 6 for the Am Class. 

Pro Class

The Pro Class, on the other hand was swept home by Baguio-based young gun Iñigo Anton, who also happened to be competing in another racing platform on the same weekend, that being the SEAOIL Radical Philippines Challenge. A daunting task for the rising star, but one he wouldn't back down from. Here are the finishing orders for Pro Class Races 4 & 6.

Wondering whatever happened to Race 5??? 

October 27's scheduled 2-race track time was reduced to just a single 12-lap race. That's because mother nature had other plans in the afternoon when huge clusters of dark clouds blanketed the sky.

And suddenly, a heavy downpour. This caused the 2nd race (Race 5 in Tuason Racing terms, following last round's 3 heats and the just-finished Race 4 in the morning of October 27) to be red-flagged under Force Majeure due to zero visibility and flooded parts of the track. 

The grid was able to send off a successful start under a Safety Car lead, but it only took a few seconds after green light of the Warm Up Lap for the rain to go full-on. This prompted the stewards to call-off the race as the drivers completed the Warm Up Lap. Not a single full lap was registered, so there were no contest and no points awarded.

Catch the action again as the 2023 Tuason Racing Formula V1 Race Challenges moves on to its exciting 3rd and final round. This will happen on November 24-25, still at Clark International Speedway. 

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