Vespa PH introduces special edition all-black Notte series

February 24, 2019

Moto Italia, a proud member of the Autohub Group and the official local distributor of Vespa scooters, recently held an evening party to welcome the Notte series. The Notte, which means evening (or night) in Italian, is Vespa’s way of dressing up its 2 most popular models, Sprint and GTS 300, with sleek dark trims that evoke mystique and elegance.

Dubbed as the Sprint Notte, it enters the scene with a deep, gloss black painted body, accented with blacked-out chasses, seat, handlebar ends, mirrors, passenger grab handles, among others.

As it is based on the regular Vespa Sprint model, the Sprint Notte gets going with the same air-cooled 150 cc 1-cylinder i-get engine that makes 13 hp and 13 Nm of torque. Engineered to be environment-friendly, the Vespa Sprint Notte provides the thrills of responsive acceleration and the sensation of light-weight maneuverability, ideal for long and short travels in the city.

Meanwhile, the Vespa GTS 300 Super Notte boasts the same deep dark theme as the Sprint Notte. As such, it also has black-painted body, chassis, and other details that make it look more elegant not only in daylight but also at night.

Residing within the GTS 300 Super Notte is a peppy water-cooled 300 cc 1-cylinder mill that delivers 21 hp and 22 Nm of pulling power, figured that provide the rider of optimum performance to explore not just in the city, bout out and around as well.

To know more about the Vespa Notte series, check out Vespa Philippines on Facebook

Photos: Paolo Lesaca and Vespa Philippines

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