The Volkswagen Grand California is a modern-day version of the famed Westfalia camper of yore

August 9, 2018

With many vans receiving the custom treatment nowadays, Volkswagen puts forward what is arguably the most home-y example out there. We refer to the Grand California that was recently unveiled.

Taking its cue from the already large Crafter, the folks at vW took its extensive knowledge in camper van creation and kitted out the Grand California with toys and amenities to allow people to call it home out on the open road. Think Westfalia and you’ll get an idea of what we’re talking about.

The nearly 6m long Crafter gets a higher roof with skylights over the rear living area. Owners can even spec their Grand Crafter with goodies like roof-mounted airconditioning, a bike rack and solar panels to help augment power supply. Step inside, however, and you will be greeted by a comfy interior that will invite you to have a restful time as well as adventure wherever you’re headed.

The interior, finished in white, is designed to be airy and give a feeling of spaciousness. While this color scheme may not exactly be the easiest to keep clean, VW did put in plce screens on the pop-open windows and a mosquito net on the door to keep pesky bugs out. Of course, the requisite privacy blinds are part of the mix.

Speaking of home, the Grand California comes with a double bed as standard and a roof-mounted sleeping area as an extra cost option. There is likewise a shower with a 110-liter water tank and external connection to allow you to shower al fresco. As for cooking, this can easily be done with the standard stove with two cooktops while food is kept fresh with a 2.5-cubic foot ref. Occupants can dine on the four-person table.

While no powertrain details were tgiven, VVW did say that it will be offering all-wheel with the large camper. This will allow families and friends to venture into the wilderness, although they should watch out for the van’s approach and departure angles that tend to limit real off-road ability. Still, it should go further than most vehicles.

Want one? VW will begin deliveries of this large camper early next year.

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