Volkswagen Philippines’ Child Safety Initiative is Now 10,000 Children Strong

November 20, 2017

Volkswagen Philippines has been a staunch advocate of raod safety, especially for kids. The German carmaker’s Philippine distributor has even launched its Child Safety Initiative campaign, which is now 10,000 children strong.

Launched in April of 2015 during the Manila International Auto Show, the CSI campaign has reached out to numerous children and parents via activation activities in various malls, schools, and other venues. The latest one, held earlier this month at The 30th Mall, saw the 10,000th child being added to the growing roster of participants.

And this is rather timely, as more folks have been reported to have been victims of road mishaps. The Philippine Statistics Office, for instance, reveals that as of May of this year, some 34 Filipinos die each day due to pedestrian and motorist accidents. Moreover, Safe Kids Worldwide reports that around 1.25 million are killed while 50 million people are injured each year because of these road fatalities.

With motorization seen to rise within the next few years, this figure could rise as well. This is why companies like VW Philippines are not leaving anything to chance. Apart from ensuring that its offerings are equipped with the latest safety features, campaigns like the CSI are likewise being pushed.

The Junior Driving Course, for instance, is designed for kids aged below 8 years old. It boasts of a mini driving track with road signs that teach kids proper driving and pedestrian behavior. The Steps to Safety, on the other hand, is for the older children, aged 9 to 12. This one makes use of Virtual Reality technology to aid in showing how to become a responsible road user.

Graduates of the Junior Driving Course get their Junior Driver’s License, while Steps to Safety participants who complete the course receive a badge. But beyond the badges, VW Philippines hopes to instill in these youngsters the values needed to become truly responsible citizens on the road.

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