Volvo sales reach new heights in 2018

January 21, 2019

It was a record-breaking year for Swedish luxury carmaker Volvo Cars in 2018. The premium marque broke the 600,000 sales mark—a first in the brand’s history. This is the very first time that Volvo sold a total of 642,253 units since it was founded back in 1927.

The Volvo XC60 led the charge with a total of 189,459 units sold globally. The second-generation compact crossover seems to be a favorite among buyers across the globe. Speaking of global sales, the U.S., China, and Europe were the top regions where Volvo truly made a mark.

With global sales growing by some 12.4 percent compared to the same period in 2017, the said markets of the United States, Europe, and China each some sales growth in their respective regions. Apart from the XC60, the brand’s SUV lineup comprised of the XC90 and the new XC40 were likewise responsible for increased consumer interest.

Besides the SUV craze, new models like the 3rd-generaton S60 also helped the cause. There are still some consumer that prefer the midsize sedan, which now sports a bold new look and cutting-edge features and tech.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Volvo has sen a rise in sales. And with its plans for the year 2019, it is hoped that more folks will buy a Volvo and bring the company to new heights.

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