Volvo tackles Sustainable Fashion in Fika Talks

May 15, 2019

Fika—a Swedish term that manes to take a breather in order to socialize, have a chat and some coffee. It is also Volvo Philippines’ latest social activity that was held last May 4 in Manila.

This year, Fika Talks centered around Sustainable Fashion and how going green affects the ever-growing and changing clothing and fashion industry. More than just being a carmaker known for safety, Volvo Cars is likewise passionate about caring for our environment.

Fika Talks is one of the venues by which Volvo and its various stakeholders sit and take stock about what is happening in the world around it. Organizers invited groups from the University of thePhilippines, SoFA Design Institute, ACADEMY, Marikina Polytechnic College, Slim’s Fashion, and Arts Design Institute, among others where present during the affair. Renowned fashion designer Ryan Madamba also showed off his creations.

Just like its cars that are slowly moving towards hybrid power and alternative sources of propulsion, Volvo’s sponsoring the Fika Talks signifies its intent to help the fashion industry become more sustainable. Finding ways to make clothing more environment friendly without compromising one’s sense of style is the goal here.

The Fika Talks is only the first in  a series of chats that will touch on various topics that are significant to the community and society as  a whole.

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