The Volvo V90 Does Police Work in Germany

February 19, 2018

Volvo’s world-renowned safety has become quite legendary in the automotive industry. So much so that organizations like the police force of the German federal province of Meckdenburg, Western Pomerania have made the Volvo V90 its official police car.

Five brand-new V90 wagons will soon join this elite force in helping to fight criminality and enforce law and order. Each powered by a diesel mill that makes 235hp, the specially-equipped V90s come with stuff like heating, LED signal lamps, front and rear parking sensors, a 6kg fire extinguisher, a gun box, and a police radio system.

Yet it isn’t just the German police that seem to like Volvo cars. Even in its home market of Sweden, Volvos are the vehicles of choice of the men in unform. Whether it’s in Germany or Sweden, the police car is considered as a workplace that requires comfort, performance, quality, and ergonomics. In short, it has to be a pleasant place where police officers can spend time while on patrol or en route to pursue a criminal or on a rescue mission.

In fact, before the Swedish police chose the Volvo V90, it and a host of other nameplates had to undergo a series of tests to ensure that they will meet the force’s exacting standards.  These include a brake test, an obstacle course, an evasive maneuver test with and without braking, and of course, high-speed emergency simulations. In the end, the V90 garnered a score of 9.2 out of 10—the highest to date.

Not surprising as Volvo cars have had a long history of being the car of choice by a host of police forces around the world. As far back as 1929, a Volvo was already being used by Swedish police. There were also the Volvo Amazon and 144 that saw duty in various p[laces around the globe. And offerings like the XC70 and V70 have also seen their fair share of action in Sweden, as well as other countries like Italy, the UK, Norway, and the Netherlands where Volvo is a favorite for law enforcement.

All this is ensured by the Volvo Car Special Products division. The group takes care of reinforcing the chassis, suspension and brakes to help make sure that police officers get a safe, comfortable, and even luxurious ride that will help them in their job of keeping the peace. After all, Volvo is about safety—both for its occupants and for those around it.

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