Waze and Google Cloud team up to make Waze for Cities data easily available

October 2, 2019

Waze, the leading platform that brings communities together, has just announced that it is making available Waze for Cities data on Google Cloud.

This is the first time that such large amounts of Waze for Cities data will be easily ac cessible to more than 1,000+ global partners.

By using such tools as BigQuery and Data Studio, global partners can now get Waze for Cities traffic data, transportation patterns, and visualization using these tools.

So what does all this tech jargon mean to you and me, you ask?

In essence, global partners can gather such data to easily interpret everything that goes on in and around our cities.

By doing do, they can give you and me more up-to-date traffic reports, know how our mass transport system works (or not work in some cases), and give us an overview of how we can better navigate around the chaos.

Each month, a gtlobal partner can analyze up to 1TB of data and store up to 10Gb of this information.

And of course, security is ensured through the Google Cloud network.

What began as Connected Citizens Program in 2014 with just 10 city artners has grown to 1,000+ partners globally through the Waze for Cities Data platform.

Find out more about this new way of securing data by loggin on to https://www.waze.com/ccp

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