This is why CW Home Depot chose the VW Santana once again

May 6, 2019

These 9 new Santanas will make CW Home Depot's top sales achievers' drive even better.

With a price point that’s easily accessible to most Filipinos, you’d think that a vehicle like the Volkswagen Santana would simply be another subcompact sedan. Yet this one begs to differ as it serves up German engineering in a comfortable and decently-styled package. And for the folks at CW Home Depot, it’s the perfect choice.

Yes, the pioneering one-stop shop for construction and renovation has acquired 9 brand new Santana sedans for the use of its top sales achievers. This is a repeat purchase for the growing home construction and renovation store as it has already 8 VWs in its fleet. It first bought 4 Jettas for its executives in 2017. This was followed by 4 Santana sedans for its managers in 2018.

Choosing a VW, particularly the Santana, is a no-brainer, say CW top brass, as the stylish sedan, packed with adequate power from its 1.4-liter Multi-Point Injection motor putting out 90hp and 130Nm of torque, mated to a 5s-eed manual, is ideal for its sales reps that tirelessly push the stores wares to various clients in and around the country.

Moreover, the budget friendly price of P686,000 already gets you safety and simple yet useful amenities that make everyday motoring stress-free. Plus, VW’s 3-year or 100,000km warranty with 10,000km service interval means that one need not worry about long and frequent downtimes. This translates to increased productivity as they can stay on the road longer.

Want to know why CW Home Depot choose a vehicle like the Volkswagen Santana? Check it out at yur nearest Vw dealer today.

Volkswagen Philippines President Felipe Estrella III (right) and CW Home Depot General Manager Kenneth Tung give a thumbs up to 9 more German motoring lifestyle experiences.

Volkswagen Philippines President Felipe Estrella III (right) and CW Home Depot General Manager Kenneth Tung shake hands on a fruitful fleet partnership that began in 2017.

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