Wunder rolls out employee transport shuttle service

October 4, 2018

(John Moura, Jay Kamdar, Atsushi Suzuki)

Wunder Mobility is nothing new to the Filipino. Sure, it’s only been a few years since it was rolled out in the country. Yet commuters have been enjoying its carpool service to get to their destination in a safe and reliable way.

Now, Wunder Mobility has unveiled yet another service—employee transportation shuttle service. As the name suggests, the app-based service lets employees of certain companies travel to and from work fuss- and hassle-free.

As an initial step, Wunder Mobility has been taped by Nowcom, a BPO company based in Ortigas. The tie-up, which is supported by Marubeni Corporation, gives Nowcom employees the privilege of using Wunder Mobility shuttle service for their commute to and from the office.

While the service first began with the morning shift, Nowcom and Wunder are now looking into implementing it for the night shift. This would greatly improve the safety and convenience of employees’ travel, especially during the wee hours of the night and early morning.

And even if it is the morning shift that benefits from the service for the time being, workers have expressed their gratitude and satisfaction to Wunder the Nowcom for implementing the service. And with the way things are shaping up, it looks like Wunder Mobility may just find itself servicing more companies in the coming years.

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