You’re Assured of total peace of mind with Nissan’s newest insurance program

June 14, 2019

(L-R): Ericson Del Castillo, Nissan Philippines Inc. General Manager of Human Resources, General Affairs, IS/IT Division; Rolando Navarro, Nissan Philippines Inc. General Manager of Sales; Atsushi Najima, Nissan Philippines Inc. President and Managing Director; Melecio Mallillin, Mercantile Insurance President, Marlon Joakim Tablizo; Mercantile Insurance Soliciting Officer, Leticia Valenzuela, Mercantile Insurance Senior Vice President.


A motor vehicle is more often than not the second most expensive purchase one will ever make. This is why it is important to ensure that it is protected from damage and fully covered should any untoward incident take place. Nissan Philippines Inc. understands this, which is why it now offers customers a comprehensive insurance program known as Nissan Assured.

Through a partnership with Mercantile Insurance, the Japanese carmaker’s Philippine arm offers a wide range of insurance programs for clients’ vehicles,. It likewise gives its patrons quick response service repairs to facilitate claims and get them back on the road in no time.

Learn more about the Nissan Assured Program thru your nearest Nissan dealer.

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