You Will Soon Be Able to Subscribe to Drive a Porsche

October 12, 2017

For many folks, owning a sports car such as a Porsche is usually considered a pipe dream. Porsche North America seems to understand this and recently unveiled a unique service called Porsche Passport.

The new program is a partnership with Clutch Technologies LLC and offers a unique subscription service to gives clients access to a wide range of Porsche services and of course, Porsche sports cars and SUVs. The pilot program, which is set to roll out in the Metro Atlanta area, allows subscribers the use of various Porsche vehicles for a fixed monthly subscription fee.

It works pretty much like a mobile phone subscription service. For a monthly fee, you get unrestricted access to as many as 22 Porsche models. You can also exchange the vehicle on demand and put in as many miles on it as you wish. What’s more, one can choose the plan they wish to avail of—from either Launch or Accelerate.

The Launch subscription plan costs $2,000 a month and includes access to 8 Porsche models. These include the 718 Cayman S and Boxster, Macan S, and Cayenne.

Those who wish for a bit more can opt for the Accelerate plan, which goes for $3,000 per month. This gives one the use of the full range of 22 Porsche models, including the Panamera 4S, Cayenne S E-Hybrid, Macan GTS, and of course, the iconic 911 Carrera S.

While those rates may seem a bit pricey, they do include vehicle insurance and maintenance, as well as vehicle tax and registration costs. The charges also include detailing fees to ensure that each Porsche remains spick and span. Plus, Porsche will even deliver the car to your specified location with white gloved drivers to boot.

To ensure the safety and integrity of its fleet vehicles, Porsche North America will require a $500 one-time activation fee. Moreover, potential members will have to undergo a background and credit checks just to be safe.

To avail of the service, Metro Atlanta residents can download the Porsche Passport mobile app using their Apple or Android device. If all goes well, Porsche says that ti will expand the service to more areas. Vehicle deliveries and exchanges begin in November.

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