Your Next Mini May Soon Be Ordered With a Dual Clutch Transmission

December 20, 2017

The Mini brand has always been synonymous with driving fun. And next year, the British automotive icon will try and add to this attribute by fielding a relatively new technology to the mix: dual clutch transmission. All Mini models sold in Europe will soon be available with a dual clutch gearbox.

Using the principle of the dual clutch transmission, which essentially prepares the next gear in order to produce quicker shifts, this system ups the ante by adding a few new touches. Mini puts in a load of sensors that lets the gearbox determine when it will shift, based on data from the onboard navigation system (if available).

There is also a feature that gives it the ability to choose when it will go into coast mode. Or when it will activate the engine start/stop function. All these are designed to help the driver become a better, well, driver.

Apart from these features, the new Mini DCT also has an updated shifter configuration. Instead  of the sual moving lever, it uses a static selector that lets drivers rock back and forth between Reverse, Neutral, and Drive. Moving the selector to the left puts the system in Sport Mode,, while a physical button places the car in Park.

The New Mini Dual Clutch Transmission will be available as an option beginning in March 2018.

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