Your next Volvo will be able to tell if you’re too drunk or distracted to drive

March 21, 2019

Frst came the three-point seatbelt. This was followed by systems like side impact protection, as well as City Safety autonomous emergency braking. Now, Volvo plans to take things a step further by helping avoid accidents caused by drunken or distracted drivers.

The Swedish carmaker announced that it will soon be putting in place in-car cameras in its next-generation vehicles. The cameras are designed to monitor drivers’ behavior and state of being while behind the tiller.

The system can detect if the driver’s eyes are directed away from the road for extended periods of time. It can likewise check on steering inputs, such as excessive wandering or weaving. If such behavior is seen, the system can then send off audible and visual warnings. More importantly, it will intervene and limit the car’s speed or even bring it to a complete stop on the side of the road. Oh, and it can, in theory, call up the authorities such as medical personnel or police officers to come to the driver’s aid.

Such a system, Volvo says, is useful to help in situations where a driver is intoxicated or incapable of driving. Ths can help avoid accidents caused by such inapprpritate behavior. It’s all in keeping with the automaker’s goal of an accident-free world.

The Volvo in-car camera system will be seen on next-generation Volvos beginning sometime in 2020.

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